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smol3 is the portal for smol farm blockchain projects.

In a world where large marketplaces like OpenSea and Blur dominate the space, we aren"t seeking to compete. However, as a creative studio that has built a number of blockchain projects, we wanted a place where the part of our community into crypto can congregate and have tools tailored to them.

Unlike open marketplaces, we only show select collections, so you can know that you aren"t seeing scams. Be sure to check the URL and only trust the site if it starts with smol3 does not function as a marketplace itself, but we index listings from other platforms, though we may offer our own marketplace in the future.

We are a small team and can only build so much so fast, but we plan on continuing to expand the functionality offered here to ensure you can get the most out of your ducks and witches.


Our NFTs are sold as digital collectibles for personal enjoyment. We recognize that treating NFTs as an investment is common — but risky. Only spend what you can afford to lose. We highly encourage collectors to find pieces that speak to you, so that even if the value goes down, you still have something you love.

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